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Wir sind Stew & Timo und wir lieben Comics und Illustration! Wir zeichnen und schreiben Comics, entwerfen fantastische Welten & lustige Kreaturen, designen T-Shirts und andere nerdige Dinge für euch!  

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Hi, we are Stew & Timo and we love comics and illustration! We create comics, draw fantastic worlds & funny creatures, design t-shirts and other nerdy stuff for you! 

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Drawing challenge #mermay

Illustration einer kleinen Meerjungfrau mit einem Meerschweinchen-Fisch als Haustier zur #mermay drawing challenge  | Handgezeichnet von Illustrie.com #noAIart

#mermay23 #mermay2023, Nixe, unterwasser, Wasserwesen, meer, See, Ozean, Characterdesign, Creaturedesign, Meerschweinchen, Haustier, sealife, zeichnen, illustrieren, dessiner, niedlich, cute, Kawaii, Fisch, Blasen, Wasser, supporthumanartists, dran by hand

Die #mermay Zeichen-Challenge, die jedes Jahr den gesamten Mai über stattfindet, erfreut sich nach wie vor großer Beliebtheit. Zumindest gibt es auf Instagram, wenn man #mermay2023 / #mermay23 in die Suche eingibt, über 75.000 Beiträge

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BuJo-Sticker in progress & life update

Coloring Sticker Illustrations for BulletJournals/planer/calendar by Illustrie.com 

Springtheme, spring, April, witch, magnolia, tulips, umbrella, nest, easter, eastereggs, Pippi Langstrumpf, childrensbook day, kid lit art, bunny, cute, drawing, DIY, handmade, human art, no AI, small art business, comic style, black and white, sketch, zeichnen, Aufkleber, Ausmalbilder, Frühling, Käfer, Blumen, Hexe, Bärlauch, Ostern, Osterhase, Kinderbuch

Hello everyone, after a longer break from posting here comes an update of the more severe kind:

Bad news first …

After the Corona pandemic and the immediately following crises (paper crisis, war and energy crisis), we actually already had enough to fight professionally. But now „AI-Art“ is making our lives even more difficult. For those who haven’t heard of it yet – this is software that uses AI/KI (Artificial Intelligence) to create all kinds of images in unlimited quantities and high quality within minutes, in any style …

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#cosydrawingdate January calendar illustration for bulletjournals

#cosydrawingdate by Illustrie.com | Januar Iillustrations for our calendar/bulletjournal project

penguin, winnie-the-pooh, squirrel, snowman, sketchbook, drawing, dessiner, zeichnen, skizze, pencildrawing, bleistiftzeichnung, doodle, winter, January, comicstyle,  cartoonart, cosy, characterdesign, Pinguine, Pu der Bär, Eichhörnchen, Schneemann, tea, candle, Tee Kerze, Skizzenbuch

It was time again for a #cosydrawingdate 🙂 Light a candle, make your favorite tea, something to snack on, put on a podcast and start drawing! Finally resume the old calendar project, so that it can then hopefully go to print this year … Whether it will work out, remains to be seen – so many things can always come in between. But if you always take small steps, you’ll get there eventually!^^

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How to declutter comic – part 2

How to declutter comic - part 2 panel 2 by Illustrie.com 

There's no way around cleaning up and sorting out your stuff on a regular basis, because otherwise everything will grow beyond your head! No one can take that away from you. This comic tells in small episodes how we finally managed this task we had been putting off for years. With lots of tips to copy and tips on what NOT to copy ;)

Minimalism, clean out, order, chaos, overload, organization, stuff, superfluous, clean up, sort, sort out, let go, habit, clutter, structure, order system, less is more

The first panel of this comic can be found here. And all in all, the story about cleaning up and clearing out will probably be a bit longer … Just like the cleaning out has been going on for quite a while, which we finally had to take care of. There was simply no way around it! If you don’t have time (or don’t take the time) to regularly

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Großer Drachenkalender



Sven Elch-Kalender



Hol dir ein Nerd-Shirt, Poster oder ein Buch von uns! // Get a nerd-shirt, poster or book from us!

A3 Blanko Jahres-Drachenkalender

Jahreskalender, A3, 15 Seiten, farbe, Erschienen 2020,
20,00 € zzgl. Versand.

Stimmt so

erschienen 2018,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Unkraut und Rüben

erschienen 2014,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Sven Elch | Teil 1

Adventskalender DIN A5,
erschienen 2014,
28 Seiten in Farbe.
Hier bei uns erhältlich.
7,00 € zzgl. Versand.