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Wir sind Stew & Timo und wir lieben Comics und Illustration! Wir zeichnen und schreiben Comics, entwerfen fantastische Welten & lustige Kreaturen, designen T-Shirts und andere nerdige Dinge für euch!  

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Hi, we are Stew & Timo and we love comics and illustration! We create comics, draw fantastic worlds & funny creatures, design t-shirts and other nerdy stuff for you! 

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Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year 2023

Funny Christmas card illustration by Illustrie | Four reindeer on e-scooters pull the sleigh of Santa Claus and his elf, who gets sick from the driving style

Xmas, Christmas, Christmas greetings, holidays, season's greetings, winter, climate friendly, driving school, driving licens, electric scooter, #Santa, hohoho

Honestly, 2022 was a really exhausting year for us. Corona is still having an impact and not just on our health. Parents and almost everyone who earns a living in the so-called „cultural and creative industries“ know what we’re talking about. And the current crises in the world are putting an additional strain on us – both economically and mentally, which doesn’t

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Currently working on … and on … and on …

Comic illustration about gardening and good intentions | by Illustrie.com

Green thumb, garden, green, wilderness, grassland, weeds,  flowers, bed, sign, illustration, drawing, plants, nature, outside, comic, funny

After the last posts have been published in German only (because it was only about things or actions available in Germany), we now switch back to „English first“. You can find the German translation by scrolling down.
So, everyday life has caught up with us again and we are buried under various layers of different tasks. For example,

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Großer Drachenkalender



Sven Elch-Kalender



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A3 Blanko Jahres-Drachenkalender

Jahreskalender, A3, 15 Seiten, farbe, Erschienen 2020,
20,00 € zzgl. Versand.

Stimmt so

erschienen 2018,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Unkraut und Rüben

erschienen 2014,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Sven Elch | Teil 1

Adventskalender DIN A5,
erschienen 2014,
28 Seiten in Farbe.
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