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Wir sind Stew & Timo und wir lieben Comics und Illustration! Wir zeichnen und schreiben Comics, entwerfen fantastische Welten & lustige Kreaturen, designen T-Shirts und andere nerdige Dinge für euch!  

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Hi, we are Stew & Timo and we love comics and illustration! We create comics, draw fantastic worlds & funny creatures, design t-shirts and other nerdy stuff for you! 

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Another elephant in the room

The two comic artists Stew and Timo (aka Illustrie) sit opposite each other at their drawing tablets and are blocked, unhappy and frightened about the war, which stands huge in the room as an elephant (colored in the colors of the Ukrainian flag) and dominates everything. The question that is raised and answered is how to deal with this situation ... | illustration by illustrie.com

Cartoon, comic, illustration, no war, peace, elephant in the room, breaking taboos, breaking silence, solving problems, being able to talk about everything, communication, dealing with difficult issues, war, fear, worry, looking for solutions, positive thinking, getting into action, collecting donations,  metaphor, self-help, emotions, blockades, courage, depression, giving hope, helping, creativity, tackling together, crisis, Ukraine, solidarity, support, #csedigital

Actually, we see it as our task to cheer up your everyday life with humor, fantasy art, feel-good comics and funny creatures, to distract you from stress and to make you smile. But right now that’s really hard for us.

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Miss Marple & Mr Stringer in our Shops

Miss Marple, Mr Stringer, mug, gift, mystery, thriller, Agatha Christie, detective, crime novel, English, characterdesign, Margaret Rutherford, British, old lady, old-fashioned, literature, book, read, novel character, black and white, detective, investigator,  cult, suspense, whodonit, crime lover, bookworm, nostalgia, literary adaptation, London, UK, Great Britain, England, Buch, Krimi, Krimiliebhaber, Detektivroman, Bücherwurm, Leseratte, booklover, moviecharacter, Tasse, Becher, Geschenk, Schwarzweiß,

For Valentine’s Day we finally introduced our „Mister Stringer“ mug on Instagram, which together with Miss Marple has been available in our Spreadshirt store for quite a while. So to speak, as an alternative to giving flowers, lovers & mystery lovers can give each other tea with these cups. Coffee is also possible of course 😉

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In the beginning there was a plan

A little speech balloon sweeps up last year's junk and wonders why everyone else has already started the new year. Comic illustration by Illustrie

#comic, #csedigital, illustration, humor, drawing, funny, joke, cartoon, comic image, character design, comic character, cartoon character, picture story, hidden object, chaos, mess, turn of the year, clean up, declutter, spring cleaning, sweep, cleanup crew, sweep clean, start of the year, #2022, good resolutions, yearly planning, plan, organize, clean up, start, fresh start, cute, comic character,

Even though the times are still strange, we decided to plan a little bit for 2022. For example, we have decided to post always at first in English and the German part will follow from 2022 onwards. This is due to the fact that meanwhile a lot of visitors from all over the world find their way to our website, which makes us really happy.^^

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Großer Drachenkalender



Sven Elch-Kalender



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A3 Blanko Jahres-Drachenkalender

Jahreskalender, A3, 15 Seiten, farbe, Erschienen 2020,
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Stimmt so

erschienen 2018,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Unkraut und Rüben

erschienen 2014,
DIN A5 Softcover,
64 Seiten in Farbe.
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Sven Elch | Teil 1

Adventskalender DIN A5,
erschienen 2014,
28 Seiten in Farbe.
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